iZotope Nectar Elements

iZotope’s Nectar Elements plugin for Garage Band, looks to be a simple solution for augmenting your vocal recordings in both pro and home recording setups. At $129, Nectar Elements contains a subset of functionality of its $299 “big brother” software called Nectar, however there appears to be a clear and easy upgrade path between the […]

Review: TC Electronics Flashback X4

Short Version For gigging musicians on any amplified instrument, the TC Electronic Flashback X4is an excellent choice.  It creates all of the classic rock guitar tones we love from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Edge and Jimmy Page, and is easy to master, making it a great tool for improvisation.

Wearing Headphones At A Live Show? Umphrey’s McGee Says Hell Yes!

Prog rocker’s Umphrey’s McGee, bring a lot of exploration to the music they write and perform. But they bring a lot of exploration to the way they interact with their fans as well. This has gone as far as their UMbowl event and Stew Art series where fans actually contributed improvisational ideas to the band, […]

Elipson Planet LW Wireless Speakers

Is it a pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey? A new wave 70s chair? A fencing mask for a small monkey? An antique diving helmet? Nope. None of the above. Rather, the Elipson Planet LW is a fantastic looking (and fantastically expensive) set of wireless speakers. Weighing in at more than 12 lbs a piece […]

Korg Releases New Kaossilator Loop Creators, The KP3+ And Kaossilator Pro+

Kaossilators are mini looping stations that allow you to create some crazy beats with just a few taps of the device’s brightly lit screen. Koss has just added two new members to the family, the KP3+, a dynamic effect/sampler that can grab snippets of sound, and the Pro+, a drum-machine like system. The devices are […]

Moniker Semi-Hollow Body Guitars

Moniker Guitars, a two-year-old guitar making company from Austin TX, is searching for KickStarter funds to add semi-hollow body models to their exiting lineup of guitars. Moniker’s basic concept for guitar making is interesting; a website “Configurator” that lets you customize your own guitar from a few of their existing templates. Once your design is complete, […]

Welcome to AudioMonger!

I received a Panasonic “boom box” for Christmas in the eighth grade (this was in the 80s my friends). It had waveforms silkscreened on the side, a graphic EQ and a fancy “one-click dubbing” button that would let you easily copy cassette tapes (because it was just too much trouble to push three buttons at […]