Marshall’s Monitor Headphones Mix Old-School Looks With Contemporary Features

If you have been to any Rock and Roll show within the last 50 years (and I’m even talking about a pickup show at your local watering hole), the chances are high that you have been exposed to a Marshall guitar amplifier. The logo and stylings are distinctive but it’s likely you would remember it […]

Teeny Tiny Yaba X Guitar Amplifier Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal

It’s tiny yet powerful. I want one and it looks like I could actually get one now that the Yaba X speaker has reached it Kickstarter funding goal. Yay! I know it is an inevitability, but I can’t wait until I see some one mic-ing one of these up at an open mic gig somewhere.

Jax In-Ear Headphones Look Nice And Comfortable

I’ve had a pretty good experience with Sol Republic’s Tracks On-Ear Headphones. They are a good sounding, moderately priced set of phones, complete with a modular approach to fashion (you can switch out the component parts in different colors). I’m a fan. My only gripe with them at all is that when you are wearing […]

Save $20 On This iPhone Microphone

Listed only as “The CD Quality Microphone” — which is kind of weird and makes me wonder what kind of components are actually inside it — this mobile microphone is $20 off its original price over at Hammacher Schlemmer today. The good news is that it is advertised as having: “an analog-to-digital converter that handles up […]

We Need Record Store Day

April 20th is not all about smoking pot my friends. It is also Record Store Day — “the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.” Typically, I am suspicious of newer, seemingly made-up holidays that try to drive merchandise sales. Do we […]

Up Close With The DM1 Drum Machine For OSX

DM1 is a popular drum sequencer made originally for iOS that offered multiple voices including 808s and real kits. The sequencer, which allows for random audio modifications on the fly and a nice bit of tweaking, has just been released for OS X and I had a bit of time to check it out.

A Mountain Of Mesa Boogies

While I am not much of a fan of the band Dream Theater, I am a huge fan of Mesa Boogie amplifiers. They are, in my estimation, some of the best amps money can buy. Beautiful warm tube sounds! John Petrucci, from Dream Theater, shows off a few heads from his nice collection in the […]

Twenty Four Free Video Guitar Lessons At

As a marketing tool, is offering 24 free guitar lessons, served up via streaming video at their website. All that is required is a quick web registration (username, password and email address) and you’re up and running, watching tips from the pro teachers involved with their website including: Lisa McCormick, Anders Mouridsen, Dale Turner, […]

Arduino + An Axe Equals The Email Guitar

By connecting a MIDI pedal to an Arduino system, David Neevel of the Wieden + Kennedy Agency, has been able to create a guitar keyboard. For each note he plays a key is pressed through a USB keyboard interface and it essentially makes your dreary typing into a nice shred session.

iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit Now Shipping

IK Multimedia  first showed me the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit this year at CES 2013. It was just one of the many new products they announced at the trade show. While iLine may not seem like much of a big deal, I will contend that it’s a worth while investment for an active professional, prosumer […]