Soft Sounds HeadFoams by MarBlue


As a sometimes neurotically overprotective father, in-ear (earbud) headphones were near the top of my list of lurking dangers; somewhere between knives, electrical outlets, and public toilets.  Most audio players provide an option to limit the output level, but this falls short as a safeguard due to possible variances in the media output level. (some songs are louder than others)

Volume limiting kids headphones have been around for years (commonly rated around 90db max pressure), but these colorful little head-Crocs are just plain cool. 

Straight from the press release, the company says:

The HeadFoams body is made from a single piece of EVA foam. EVA is safe, non toxic, BPA free, soft, bendy, nearly indestructible, shatterproof and just plain fun. The material is the same used in synthetic wine corks and Crocs shoes. The HeadFoams have departed from conventional headphones with moving plastic and metal parts and mechanisms. They have been certified for all major USA and International child-safe testing standards.

Recommended for children ages 3 and up, the HeadFoams fits most heads and for smaller children just snap on the included extension pad for a better fit. The ear pads are made of soft foam-filled PU fabric and are the perfect size to give comfort for all ear sizes.

The sound quality is crisp, clear and deep and the sound level is limited to never exceed 85 decibels to protect developing ears.

HeadFoams are available in three bright colors, with a suggested retail price of US $39.99. 30 day return policy (for any reason with no restocking fee). 90 day electronic Warranty Period (does not cover product damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse of the product).

Although the product comes with a  90 day electronic warranty, the kid proof, ‘nearly indestructible’ design may be compromised by the lack of  a reinforced cable connection.  The first thing to break on any set of headphones I’ve ever owned, has been the cord where it connects to the 3.5mm jack.  I’m guessing this type of damage would fall under normal wear and tear.

All MarBlue products are designed in house in South Florida with an “it’s all good” state of mind. MarBlue continues to lead the industry in socially responsible initiatives: environmentally friendly products, supporting local and international charities, and the Montessori Academy for Children.