Rolling Konus Speaker Chassis Concept



Despite a somewhat uncomfortable-to-say-in-public name like Rolling Konus (don’t you just feel dirty uttering it), the concept behind this speaker chassis featured over at Yanko Design, is pretty neat. Minimalist and utilizing an almost wheelchair-like concept for maneuvering the speaker to the correct direction, this speaker setup would look great in any post-modern home or apartment.

Good looks and good sound though are not always related, as we all know. I wonder what kind of installation and tweaking would be necessary to coax the best sound out of your HiFi cones if you were to drop them into this setup (assuming that is the plan for these — there is little documentation out there on their full intent).

Additionally, it looks as though this concept comes with several add-ons to further modify the direction and sound of the output. They fit over the horn section of the chassis and are inspired by jet engine design apparently.

There is a definite science to getting the correct resonance and angles out of speakers, so hopefully creator Joe Sardo has this in mind if the Rolling Konus ever gets to production. I’d have to hear this thing first before I’d be convinced.

Regardless, I have to hand it to him for an inspired design and cool concept. Hope to see these available soon.