It’s Simple To Make Video Mashups With Sympler

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: I think we really need one more way to mash up digital content. Don’t you agree? I mean, I don’t think there are enough options out there. Yay, we’re in luck because Sympler launched an update to their video mashup app this week (version 2.0). It’s actually pretty cool though, so don’t […]

Younity DRM Streaming Sounds Great In Theory But…

  It just doesn’t work. Well, at least it just didn’t work for me. I’ll be the first to admit that user error is possible, likely even, but I did follow all the instructions. What does Younity do? Much like the SlingBox of yore or even more recent products like Plex, Younity’s software installs a […]

The Eco-amp 2.0

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen… today. While saying “The eco-amp is manufactured in the USA to contribute to the local economy and to have a minimal carbon footprint” is definitely one way to spin the local contribution, I think I would stick to focusing on it the ease of use of this little […]