Younity DRM Streaming Sounds Great In Theory But…



It just doesn’t work. Well, at least it just didn’t work for me. I’ll be the first to admit that user error is possible, likely even, but I did follow all the instructions.

What does Younity do? Much like the SlingBox of yore or even more recent products like Plex, Younity’s software installs a server on your various desktops or laptops and then organizes the various videos you have  acquired purchased and streams them out to your iPhone or iPad.

In theory, I love the concept and while there are several other options out there, this sounds like it could be a winner from the standpoint of DRM (Digital Rights Management). According to CNET’s coverage of Younity, the service does not breach DRM rules and regulations (at this time), so that means it could be a great way to access all your Rights-Protected videos and music, without needing to download them to the device itself (taking up your finite device storage).

However, I just couldn’t get it to work.

On my first install, the server software ran fine on my MacBook. It scanned and found all of my legally purchased video and audio files. However, when I tried to stream videos over LTE I received a message that DRM streaming over LTE was not supported.

So I switched to my home network — the same one my laptop server was using — and while I no longer got the DRM error, I instead was just never able to open the files. Hmmm, too bad because I love the idea. Maybe I’ll wait for an update and try again some other time.

Or maybe I’ll totally forget about it, because like my iPhone, my brain has a finite storage capacity.