It’s Simple To Make Video Mashups With Sympler

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: I think we really need one more way to mash up digital content. Don’t you agree? I mean, I don’t think there are enough options out there.

Yay, we’re in luck because Sympler launched an update to their video mashup app this week (version 2.0). It’s actually pretty cool though, so don’t let my sarcasm scare you away.


What is Sympler? It is an iOS app that lets you create audio/video mashups. How does it work? You take a series of videos on your iOS device and sync them to a music track. During the syncing, you can switch between the different video clips, in real time (tapping to select the videos in time with the music) to get a video “cut up” effect.

The software then exports that mashup to a single video. You can share that video mashup with others on the usual host of social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr). The video also retains the ability to be edited in Sympler by others. Total possible video length is about 20 seconds.

It is actually kind of fun. I tried my hand at it using the app’s default video clips and a track courtesy of The Ocean Blue.

Something I like about Sympler is that you physically tap the videos by hand to set the timing. You don’t use a sequencer, which, while more accurate would be more complex and add a bit to the learning curve. Nope, you just tap videos in time with the track. Pretty simple, er, I mean Symple. My mom could do this.

Still, I wonder if this will just be another app that people use for temporary novelty, and then abandon. Who knows. I never saw animated GIFs coming back into vogue the massive way that they did, so maybe this could be a thing.

Download it here.