It’s Simple To Make Video Mashups With Sympler

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: I think we really need one more way to mash up digital content. Don’t you agree? I mean, I don’t think there are enough options out there. Yay, we’re in luck because Sympler launched an update to their video mashup app this week (version 2.0). It’s actually pretty cool though, so don’t […]

OwnPhones 3D Printed Custom-Fit Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth 4.0   This looks like a pretty nifty concept. OwnPhones Mobile Ear Scan creates a 3D model of your ear, you choose your customizations, and they print the buds just for you. I’m in on the pre-release 50% off mailing list and will fill my ears with this tech as soon as possible.  I’ll […]

BlueTube BT-6 Tube Amp. – Eye-Candy

Following the success of there most recent Kickstarter campaign for the BT-4, BlueTube Audio has announced pre-orders for their third crowd-funding project, the BT-6 vacuum tube amplifier. As an artistic endeavor, I can appreciate the design elements here, and visually they have succeeded in creating an aesthetically pleasing decoration.  I’m sure the glow of the […]

Rolling Konus Speaker Chassis Concept

  Despite a somewhat uncomfortable-to-say-in-public name like Rolling Konus (don’t you just feel dirty uttering it), the concept behind this speaker chassis featured over at Yanko Design, is pretty neat. Minimalist and utilizing an almost wheelchair-like concept for maneuvering the speaker to the correct direction, this speaker setup would look great in any post-modern home or apartment.

SampleTank 3 – We Have a Date

SampleTank 3 July Release officially announced, with pre-order discount pricing (~$250) that will save you about $100. It has been 10 years since IK released version 2 of SampleTank, and they have been pushing back the release date on this new version of their virtual instrument software for ‘a while’ now.  With over 30 GB […]

Soft Sounds HeadFoams by MarBlue

As a sometimes neurotically overprotective father, in-ear (earbud) headphones were near the top of my list of lurking dangers; somewhere between knives, electrical outlets, and public toilets.  Most audio players provide an option to limit the output level, but this falls short as a safeguard due to possible variances in the media output level. (some […]

Review: VOX AC4-C1 Mini Combo Amp

Features: • All-tube mini combo amp • 4 Watt Class A amplifier design • Historic 1963 Blue vinyl covering with Bakelite handle • 10″ Celestion VX10 speaker • MSRP: $299 Pros: • Legendary VOX AC30 Top Boost tone • Awesome retro styling with sturdy construction • Surprisingly loud and delivers a full, warm tone Cons: […]

Review: ZT Junior Amp

Ideal for those who travel to gigs on public transit, the ZT Junior can’t be beat for it’s loud, powerful tone, portability and versatility. This solid state combo amp delivers a warm tone that is as comfy at home in jazz as it is in metal and that’s where it’s versatility begins.

Jack Conte Tears It Up With Robots In His Doin’ It Right Remix

Jack Conte is an absolutely amazing musician with lots of technical chops. In this remix video he rips up Doin’ It Right by Daft Punk using the QuNeo and a series of robot fingers, projectors, and other gear to build an amazing performance.

JamStar Is A Cool Free App That Teaches You To Play The Guitar

I’ve seen plenty of guitar apps in my lifetime – enough for two lifetimes, in fact – but JamStar, an app by an Israeli programming house, has almost won my heart. The premise is simple – you tune your guitar and then play notes or chords. The app (which runs on a phone or your […]