Amazon PrimeMusic: Ad-free Access To One Million Songs (With Prime Subscription)

a1In a fairly bold move, Amazon announced that they are making over one million songs available — in streaming format — to Amazon Prime subscribers, free of charge (well, except for your $99 annual membership fee). In terms of adding a value proposition to a digital subscription service though, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Continue reading »

IK Multimedia Opens Up Their iRig BlueBoard To Developers

iRig BlueBoard

IK Multimedia — makers of everything from the iRig Pro to the iRing — interestingly announced today that they are opening up their iRig BlueBoard product to developers, so it can be more easily used as a controller for any audio app out there on the market.

Previously, the iRig BlueBoard only worked as a controller with IK Multimedia apps (or with apps of strategic partners). This new move will mean, any app maker could choose to make this Bluetooth Low Energy, backlit, pedalboard for iOS/Android/Mac/PC a potential peripheral. Continue reading »

…And, We’re Back

Howdy folks! Sorry for disappearing for seven months. My bad. In any event, we are back in the saddle and ready to bring you our unique point of view on “all things audio.”

There are a few new writers on board this time around. Please welcome them with open ears. We’ll do our best to scour the web, on your behalf, to find news, gear, gizmos, and sounds that you’ll want to hear about.

Stay tuned.

Upright Bassists Are Even Cooler Than We Already Thought!

And for your afternoon entertainment, a sweet samba groove with even sweeter upright bass string movement (brought to you by the miracle of high shutter speed photography). That is all. Carry on my friends.

Review: VOX AC4-C1 Mini Combo Amp


• All-tube mini combo amp
• 4 Watt Class A amplifier design
• Historic 1963 Blue vinyl covering with Bakelite handle
• 10″ Celestion VX10 speaker
• MSRP: $299
• Legendary VOX AC30 Top Boost tone
• Awesome retro styling with sturdy construction
• Surprisingly loud and delivers a full, warm tone
• This amp runs hot
• Breaks up at low gain, limiting it’s use for some gigs
• No reverb

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Review: ZT Junior Amp


Ideal for those who travel to gigs on public transit, the ZT Junior can’t be beat for it’s loud, powerful tone, portability and versatility. This solid state combo amp delivers a warm tone that is as comfy at home in jazz as it is in metal and that’s where it’s versatility begins.

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Jack Conte Tears It Up With Robots In His Doin’ It Right Remix

Jack Conte is an absolutely amazing musician with lots of technical chops. In this remix video he rips up Doin’ It Right by Daft Punk using the QuNeo and a series of robot fingers, projectors, and other gear to build an amazing performance.
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JamStar Is A Cool Free App That Teaches You To Play The Guitar

I’ve seen plenty of guitar apps in my lifetime – enough for two lifetimes, in fact – but JamStar, an app by an Israeli programming house, has almost won my heart.

The premise is simple – you tune your guitar and then play notes or chords. The app (which runs on a phone or your browser) senses your strum and lets you move on or asks you to repeat the notes. You do this, ad infinitum, until you get good. The app gives you feedback as you play, offering pointers, and you can move from basic G-C-D strumming patterns to, say, more complex folks songs. As a self-taught guitarist, I could see how having an app to simply say if your Am chord sounds like a buzzing mess is valuable.
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Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player

neptuneWhen I swim, it’s more of an attempt to just stay afloat — to stay alive. But for the serious or training swimmer out there, the Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player  looks pretty cool. I have no idea how well it actually works.
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400K For A Guitar Played By John Lennon

guitar_2566905b(Photo Credit: AFP/Getty)

This fascinating custom guitar made for John Lennon by VOX in 1966 sold for a whopping $408,000 at a Julien’s auction hosted in New York City last week. The prototype hollow body was used by Lennon (and also George Harrison) during the filming of some of the sequences that made up the group’s ill-fated Magical Mystery Tour video (maybe not their greatest work). Continue reading »