It’s Simple To Make Video Mashups With Sympler

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: I think we really need one more way to mash up digital content. Don’t you agree? I mean, I don’t think there are enough options out there.

Yay, we’re in luck because Sympler launched an update to their video mashup app this week (version 2.0). It’s actually pretty cool though, so don’t let my sarcasm scare you away.

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Younity DRM Streaming Sounds Great In Theory But…



It just doesn’t work. Well, at least it just didn’t work for me. I’ll be the first to admit that user error is possible, likely even, but I did follow all the instructions.

What does Younity do? Much like the SlingBox of yore or even more recent products like Plex, Younity’s software installs a server on your various desktops or laptops and then organizes the various videos you have  acquired purchased and streams them out to your iPhone or iPad. Continue reading »

The Eco-amp 2.0

eco1This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen… today.

While saying The eco-amp is manufactured in the USA to contribute to the local economy and to have a minimal carbon footprint” is definitely one way to spin the local contribution, I think I would stick to focusing on it the ease of use of this little horn. I mean, I could also say “I ate lunch in the United States today, therefore I am contributing to the local economy” so, um…yeah.   Continue reading »

OwnPhones 3D Printed Custom-Fit Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth 4.0


This looks like a pretty nifty concept.

OwnPhones Mobile Ear Scan creates a 3D model of your ear, you choose your customizations, and they print the buds just for you.

I’m in on the pre-release 50% off mailing list and will fill my ears with this tech as soon as possible.  I’ll let you know how it goes with this gadget once it gets here.  I go to bed listening to something every night, and have tried most everything for listening without bothering my wife.  I’m not sure if that fits in with one of the  OwnPhones ‘activity profiles’, but I’ll do my best to make sure they include it.
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Finally, A Reason to Buy Beats Audio Headphones. Thanks Dre!

Let’s face it folks, one of the main concerns of any person with ears is where to display their headphones when the listening is done.

I can only hope to provide a post here that reflects the import of this latest addition to the Beats by Dre product family.

I really wanted one of these headphone stands, but unfortunately none of my headphones have the  beats logo on them.  I hope somebody comes up with a more universally compatible solution soon.  If you are lucky enough to have some Beats Audio headphones you can  pre-order  this  very important peripheral now for only $40!

It’s only a matter of time until my pants have ‘Pockets by Dre’ and I’m sure I’ll jump on the ‘Trashcan by Dre’ bandwagon when the time comes to throw away my outdated Beats Audio gear next year.  Until then, let’s compare this latest technology with what’s out there now…

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BlueTube BT-6 Tube Amp. – Eye-Candy

Following the success of there most recent Kickstarter campaign for the BT-4, BlueTube Audio has announced pre-orders for their third crowd-funding project, the BT-6 vacuum tube amplifier.

As an artistic endeavor, I can appreciate the design elements here, and visually they have succeeded in creating an aesthetically pleasing decoration.  I’m sure the glow of the exposed tubes, atop the hand crafted 3/4″ thick walnut and cherry enclosure would make for a handsome addition to any home office.  In contrast, what is under the hood may seem somewhat underwhelming..

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Top Sports Headphones Maker Yurbuds Acquired By Harman



St-Louis-based sports headphone company Yurbuds has been acquired by leading audio group Harman International Industries. Good for them!

Yurbuds, who makes in-the-ear and behind-the-ear headphones that are ergonomically designed specifically for athletes, are currently selling their many styles at more than 750 active lifestyle specialty retailers and they claim to be the U.S. market leader in sports headphones. Continue reading »

Rolling Konus Speaker Chassis Concept



Despite a somewhat uncomfortable-to-say-in-public name like Rolling Konus (don’t you just feel dirty uttering it), the concept behind this speaker chassis featured over at Yanko Design, is pretty neat. Minimalist and utilizing an almost wheelchair-like concept for maneuvering the speaker to the correct direction, this speaker setup would look great in any post-modern home or apartment. Continue reading »

SampleTank 3 – We Have a Date

SampleTank 3 July Release officially announced, with pre-order discount pricing (~$250) that will save you about $100.

It has been 10 years since IK released version 2 of SampleTank, and they have been pushing back the release date on this new version of their virtual instrument software for ‘a while’ now.  With over 30 GB of sounds, over 4,000 instruments, over 2,000 MIDI files and 2,500 loops, I think I could get my money’s worth just in the entertainment value of playing each sound once.  Let’s hope the samples themselves live up to the decade of hype that has preceded their release.

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Soft Sounds HeadFoams by MarBlue


As a sometimes neurotically overprotective father, in-ear (earbud) headphones were near the top of my list of lurking dangers; somewhere between knives, electrical outlets, and public toilets.  Most audio players provide an option to limit the output level, but this falls short as a safeguard due to possible variances in the media output level. (some songs are louder than others)

Volume limiting kids headphones have been around for years (commonly rated around 90db max pressure), but these colorful little head-Crocs are just plain cool.  Continue reading »